Transmission Remanufacturing

Transmission Remanufacturing

Our process allows us to take apart your transmission, making upgrades along the way and re-engineering it to make sure we address any systemic issues before getting you back on the road.

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Why Remanufacture?

At Ultra Transmission, our remanufacturing takes place in our remanufacturing facility located in Winnipeg. Remanufacturing a transmission goes beyond basic transmission repair. Your broken transmission gets disassembled down to its parts and then re-engineered with new parts where needed. That way we make sure that your remanufactured transmission meets or exceeds its original performance.

Longer Life and Better Performance.

Remanufacturing a transmission gives us the opportunity to re-engineer the entire transmission. That means going through piece by piece, replacing parts that aren't working to a like-new standard. In some cases, a remanufactured transmission can out perform a brand new one.

We Handle Everything.

Remanufactured transmissions are a convenient option because we handle the entire process. We disassemble, remanufacture, reassemble and reinstall the transmission. Before we deliver your vehicle to you, we'll do a complete inspection to make sure the transmission is performing.

Pricing Your Remanufactured Transmission.

Your transmission cost will range depending on your vehicle. Not every remanufactured transmission is the same. With remanufactured transmissions you pay for parts and labor. We also supply a warranty on our remanufactured transmissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Collection of questions our customers ask us most frequently

What is the difference between a rebuilt or remanufactured transmission?

Rebuilding a transmission just means bringing your transmission up to a working standard, remanufacturing a transmission means we re-engineer the transmission to address pattern failures. For this reason a remanufactured transmission can in many cases work better than a brand new one.

What is the average life span of a remanufactured transmission?

A great starting benchmark for remanufactured transmission success is the 50,000 to 65,000 kilometer mark. A remanufactured unit should last at least this long. If a remanufactured unit is paid more attention and care in terms regular maintenance jobs, remanufactured units could last as long as new units - around 250,000 to 320,000 Kilometers.

Is it worth it for me to fix my transmission?

Transmission repairs can be costly. If your car is new or in good condition, then it probably makes sense to repair your transmission and get it back on the road. You can then continue driving it, sell it or trade it in.

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