Lynnette Hobson-Elliott

Lynnette is the business manager for Ultra Transmission and manages office administration.

Lynnette has been with Ultra Transmission for over 15 years. She is our Business Manager, overseeing all our administration and HR functions and ensures that our employees have the tools that they need to provide exceptional customer service.

Business Manager

Other Team Members

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Ken Hobson

Ken’s automotive experience dates back to 1957 at a Chrysler Dealership. In 1963 training as a transmission assembler at Chrysler Canada’s remanufacturing facility led to his long career in the industry.


Erika Hobson

In 1989 Erika co-founded Ultra Transmission. Since then, Erika has leveraged her retail experience and business acumen to build the company.

Vice President

Richard Tschmier

Richard Tschmier leads our service and parts operations with a background in economics.

Sales and Service Manager

Lenny Ring

Lenny has been with Ultra Transmission for 15 years and brings a wealth of automotive and customer service experience.